AC Not Working in House


Air Conditioning systems have become part of many homeowners’ lifestyles, especially during the hot Calgary summers. Since the summer period is unavoidable, we have to blend in and find ways to cool the indoors of our homes. This article centers on AC not working in house.  AC’s usually tend not to work or break down when…

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At What Temperature Should You Turn On the Heat?


Shifts in climate and weather conditions cause many homeowners to ask this simple question: what temperature should you turn on the heat? There are several considerations before deciding to switch on the furnace, including saving on your heating bill. So let’s learn about the ideal temperatures for turning on the furnace. Day Temperature According to Energy,…

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Furnace Maintenance How Often?


Most of the furnace problems experienced in our homes nowadays could be prevented by annual furnace tune-ups. Most HVAC technicians say that almost seventy-five percent of people experiencing specific furnace problems tend to neglect proper furnace maintenance. For furnace maintenance, how often should it be conducted? At a minimum, once per year. Most of us…

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Furnace Turns Off and On Repeatedly


Most of us experience furnace problems, especially during cold stretches. Many of us wonder why our furnace turns off and on repeatedly, aka short cycling. Short cycling, though, is confused by many people. How Can I Tell If My Furnace is Short Cycling? It is straightforward to tell whether your furnace is short cycling as it will…

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Cost of Furnace Cleaning


The cost of furnace cleaning usually varies from one company to another depending on the amount of labour needed for cleaning the furnace. Typically, the traditional cost for furnace cleaning in Calgary starts at $180 for ten vents. A furnace in operation should be cleaned at once a year to maintain indoor air quality and…

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How Often Should a Furnace be Cleaned


With some of us being very busy during the calendar, most of us tend to forget how important it is to ensure that your HVAC model system is cleaned and maintained correctly. Whether it is your air conditioner or your furnace, it is mandatory that you keep them clean to maintain and uphold their longevity and efficiency.…

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What Temperature to Set Thermostat in Winter


Winter is usually the time when you need your furnace the most. One thing you ought to be extra careful with if you want to have a friendly environment in the house during winter is the thermostat settings of your heating unit. This article focuses on what temperature to set thermostat in winter? There are many…

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Types of Furnaces


Your furnace powers your home heating system. This article describes the various categories of furnaces and outlines the different types of furnaces. Related: How does a furnace humidifier work? What are Furnaces? One of the components of an HVAC system, a furnace, is a heating system that heats your home. There are several types of furnaces. How Does…

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Water Softener Pros and Cons


If you are in the market for a water softener, you will enjoy this article on the water softener pros and cons.  It will allow you to make an informed decision on whether a water softener makes sense for you and your family. In many cases, the decision to soften your water comes down to…

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What is a High Efficiency Furnace?


The ability of your heater system to produce heat would determine its efficiency. When it has higher efficiency, it can produce more heat and use less fuel. What is a high efficiency furnace? We’ll find out. High utility bills explain the struggle to look for the best quality of heating system with the highest efficiency. There…

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