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Furnace Replacement Calgary

When is furnace replacement Calgary needed?  Consider a new furnace if your current one is over 15 years old and needs repairs regularly. Typically, service repairs become more frequent as the furnace reaches the final years of its useful home heating life

Can I replace the furnace on my own?

Overall, attempting to install your furnace is not worth the risk compared to the amount of money you might save. It is always best to hire a professional, qualified HVAC contractor for furnace maintenance, repairs, and installations.

How long does installing a new furnace take?

The amount of time that it will replace your furnace will depend on many different factors, including the kind of furnace you will be installing, the size of your house, and the installer’s skill. Usually, it will take anywhere from 4 up to 10 hours. 

How much does a furnace replacement cost in Calgary, Alberta?

In Calgary, the average cost ranges, on average, from $3,000 and $6,000, including installation for a high-efficiency new furnace.

The price can be affected by many different factors, including the following: 

  • The brand name of the furnace (there is a tendency for well-now brands to cost more)
  • Its BTU output and size 
  • Whether it is a variable, stage two, or single-stage furnace
  • How hard the furnace is to install for the technician
  • Is the homeowner converting from gas to propane or oil to electric?
  • Whether or not any special upgrades have to be added to the house to accommodate your new furnace
  • Energy-efficient furnace?

Note that it is mandatory in Alberta to have a heat-loss calculation done before installing a new furnace. Contractors factor in the analysis into the cost of the furnace installation.

The more expensive a furnace is, usually the more energy-efficient it is. Suppose you will be using your furnace for the majority of the winter. In that case, as is typically the case, it is critical to buy a high-efficiency model to reduce your power bills significantly. 

How can you tell if you need a furnace replacement in Calgary?

Have you ever woken up in the middle of a cold winter’s night shivering? Suppose you did not leave a window open accidentally. In that case, there is a good chance that your furnace has failed — and you may have to suffer through a few miserable cold days until a qualified HVAC professional has repaired or replaced your furnace. 

However, if you can diagnose that your furnace is about to fail before it breaks down, then you can call a technician to have the unit replaced or repaired without having to suffer in the cold. The following are a few warning signs that it is almost time for your furnace to die. 

Furnace Age

It would, of course, be nice if furnaces lasted forever. However, their average lifespans range from 15 to 20 years. If your furnace is under 15 years old, be sure to have the proper maintenance done based on the manufacturer’s instructions. Once your furnace is 15 to 20 years old, you should start paying very close attention to any strange smells, sounds, and functions. If any of them arise, contact a qualified technician to have the problem diagnosed. They will be able to tell you the expected lifespan of the heating system.  

Cold Air

It may seem obvious, but if the furnace is not heating your house, that is a warning sign that it is about to fail. There can be several reasons for a failing heating system, but it usually involves the blower fan’s motor. If the furnace has a malfunctioning blower fan, it will not have sufficient power for blowing air throughout your whole house. Coldspots can be caused in some parts of your home by a faulty blower fan. If your furnace is blowing no warm air, it could be a problem with either your pilot light or your heat exchanger. If your furnace is blowing cold air, a qualified technician must assess it to determine whether repairs are necessary. 

Strange Noises

All HVAC systems make noise. You most likely own a brand-new model if yours doesn’t, or it is hidden someplace inside your house. However, if you begin to hear squeaks or pops, it could be an indication of something coming loose inside of your unit that needs to be repaired or replaced. 

Higher Heating Bills 

Are you seeing substantial increases in your heating bills? Increased heating expenses can be a warning sign that your furnace is about to break down. Furnaces try to maintain a specific temperature at all times inside the house. If your furnace is not efficient enough for your home to be heated as fast as it did in the past, it might run for a more extended period and consume more energy. 

Yellow Pilot Light

Check your pilot light if you own a natural gas furnace. It should be blue at all times. If it is yellow, that is a warning sign that the furnace needs repairs and could also be leaking carbon monoxide, which is a poisonous gas. So if you happen to notice a rotten egg smell, excessive condensation rust, or yellow light, immediately shut off the furnace and contact a professional HVAC technician. 


A house will always have some dust, no matter how frequently you dust. However, if the accumulation of dust appears to be unusual – or there are large amounts of dust coming out of the heat registers after the furnace turns on – your furnace might be telling you that it is almost at the end of its useful life. A furnace takes in dirty air from the outside, filters it, and then heats and blows the air throughout your whole house. As the heater continues to age, it has a more challenging time filtering. You should change your filters every one to three months. However, the furnace filter is not the only thing that cleans the air. The blower fan and ductwork also help with filtering the air. Contact a certified technician if you see an excessive amount of dust. 

Why You Can Trust Furnace Repair Calgary For Your Furnace Replacement or Installation

We will send out an expert technician to your house to help ensure you get the right furnace. They will measure your hose to make sure you choose the correct size furnace for your home and the proper insulation to avoid problems such as the furnace shutting off constantly.

Another factor to consider is your personal preferences. For example, getting a lower-priced furnace might be a priority if you have a small budget. If you want your gas bills to be lower, then you might want to choose a more energy-efficient furnace. Some people might want to have the quietest operation possible, or their hose has cooler and warmer spots. 

An expert HVAC technician will advise you about the different options available and recommend one or several models to you. We will provide you with an all-inclusive quote. You will receive a written quote for not only the actual unit but also permits, labour, installation, materials, and other related work such as venting. Removing and disposing of your old equipment will also be included. 

We never use any pressure or hard selling tactics. There will also be plenty of time for you to review your quote, and if you have any questions, we will be available to answer them.


Call Furnace Repair Calgary at (403) 775-6800 today for your free, no-obligation furnace replacement quote.