July 17, 2021

How to be a Plumber in Calgary, AB


How to be a Plumber

A plumber is essential. You might have experienced something that you wish to fix, but you don’t possess the know-how. This post will guide you on how to be a plumber in Calgary, AB.

That aside, plumbing is probably one of the most significant fields in the building industry. It can be well paying and better compared to others. There are not so many plumbers who are licensed. That makes it possible to have a job without having to compete so much.

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However, to get a chance here, you have to undergo some training and gain experience before getting licensed to become a certified plumber. You might then be wondering how to get there. Let’s see what is required.

What a Plumber Does

Professionally, a plumber can work in a factory, for the public in homes, and also in commercial buildings around cities and towns, and they can do the following;

Troubleshoot Malfunctioning Piping Systems

All these require skills which one gains during the training. A licensed plumber can work anywhere for as long as there is a need for creating, designing, troubleshooting, or fixing piping systems around the building. The wide array of plumbing tasks makes plumbing quite a wide field.

What you Need to Become a Plumber

To become a pipefitter, one does not necessarily have to be a college degree holder. A high school certificate is enough qualification. A little more proficiency in math and algebra is a great help since many estimations and calculations are needed.

On the other hand, a plumber should have a healthy back, knees, and shoulders since the work can be physical. Plumbers usually work in enclosed areas, like under sinks, on rooftops, and many other places around buildings. You also need some training for you to qualify as a plumber.

How to Qualify as a Plumber

Many people learn the plumbing trade at a Many people technical school. However, not so many people opt for that. Many people opt for an apprenticeship program.

In apprenticeship programs, one would learn plumbing while working under another qualified plumber. The employers pay for them to learn while they work. Those are the primary ways that one can learn plumbing and be certified as a plumber.

How Much Does a Plumber Earn

Plumbers have different earnings for different provinces, qualifications, and employers. In Calgary, in 2021, the average plumber’s salary is $36.47 per hour. A plumbers’ hourly rate ranges from $27.72 to $50.00.

 Plumbing Apprenticeship

Take the following four steps in Alberta to start your plumbing apprenticeship:

Step 1: Do Your Research

  • Become familiar with the plumbing trade. Do your research online. Research other trades as well to make sure plumbing is your desired path.
  • Know others in the plumbing trade? Other trades? What do they have to say about their chosen career?

Step 2: Find an Employer

  • Create an account at https://www.linkedin.com. Often overlooked by young people, it speeds up the process of finding an apprenticeship opportunity. 87% of recruiters find Linkedin to be the most effective venue for investigating potential employees.
  • Explore indeed.com — the most popular job board. It pulls jobs from career sites and classified listings and displays them on its site.
  • Tell friends and family you’re in the market for an apprenticeship.
  • Start contacting prospective employers. If they aren’t hiring, ask them who is.

Step 3: Complete the Apprenticeship Application and Contract

Step 4: Consider How to Finance Your Education

As an apprentice, you earn a wage for the time you work. However, most employers do not pay a salary while you’re in school. Thus, you may need financial assistance while you’re in school, such as Employment Insurance.

Conclusion – How to be a Plumber

If you want to become a plumber, you should be ready to invest much time in learning the skill as we are working as a plumber. Plumbing is quite demanding, but it’s worth investing time and energy in. We have seen in detail what someone requires to become a plumber.

Anyone who passes the test and goes through the required training is eventually certified as a plumber. With time, you gain experience, and opportunities are bound to expand at each stage. The wide variety of options makes plumbing quite different from others.

All these that we have discussed will let you have a clear picture of what someone seeks to know when they ask how to be a plumber. Finally, you need to know that plumbing needs a lot of time and effort.

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