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Typically the furnace present at your place can be very reliable for you and your whole family. However, in other instances, the furnace stops working and we are left with a whole lot to think about. Down below we are going to discuss what can cause a furnace to stop working at your homestead. 

The issues can sometimes be very easy to find a possible solution while others can tend to be very complicated and in those cases, a professional is highly regarded. Some of the most common problems that cause furnaces in our homesteads to stop functioning are discussed down below. 

Technicians have also come together to create tips that help in the troubleshooting process. We have also listed down below the burning issues that will need the work of a professional to solve. 

What Can Cause a Furnace to Stop Working?

Is it time to replace your furnace?  An efficient furnace is critical to keeping your home warm.

The thermostat setting is causing the furnace to shut off prematurely

  • You should be aware that the thermostat controls all the heating system operations. If the communications or settings have been cut off then this might be a possible reason as to why your furnace has ceased functioning. In the case that the furnace has ceased functioning, check the thermostat: 
  • Check whether the thermostat requires fresh batteries. This is what can cause a furnace to stop working. 
  • In case the system is hardwired, the breaker is tripped or not? 
  • Check the setting of the thermostat. Is the present thermostat in and the heat mode put on? Is the final temperature set above the current temperature of the room in order to initiate the heating cycle?  

The circuit breaker has flipped 

In case the circuit breaker has flipped, this can cut off the power traveling to the heating components of your system. In case your furnace ceases to function, you should consider checking the system’s circuit breaker and reset the tripped breakers. 

In case the issue becomes repetitive, then there is a problem that keeps on occurring. You should consider calling an HVAC technician in order to diagnose, hence solving the problem. 

The air filter has been clogged 

In case the system’s air filter has been clogged, this will restrict the airflow in your furnace. This can lead to problems such as overheating which could cause the whole system to go off as the safety button or switch ensures the unit is switched off whenever the high temperatures have been reached. 

In case the filter is covered wholly with debris ensure that you have replaced it. Give it some humble time to cool off and come back to see if the furnace relights. 

The access panel is not fully on 

Some of the furnaces present in our places have safety precautions and controls of which can cause the furnace present to cease functioning. In case the access panel is not attached to the unit properly, then that is what can cause a furnace to stop working. 

You should be able to check the furnace’s exterior and also verify if the panels are all placed well in their respective positions. 

Dirt and other items blocking airflow in the furnace

Rugs, dirt, furniture, debris among other various items can block the airflow in your furnace thus could cause problems such as overheating. You should be able to: 

  • Clear the items that are stored around the furnace. Keep them six feet away. 
  • Check the system’s air filter and in case they are dirty you should be in a perfect position to replace them. 
  • Ensure that all the vents in your place have been opened and unblocked to allow air circulation to take place. 

Burners are dirty 

The burners often collect rust and dirt from time to time thus reducing the heat output. You shy to be able to clean your burners  following the process down below: 

  • Ensure that the electricity at the breaker box is switched off and also close off the gas valve that leads to the furnace. 
  • You should be able to remove the access panel towards the combustion chamber and also remove the small panel that encloses the system’s burner chamber. 
  • You should ensure that you have removed the metal clips in order to detach the burners. 
  • By using a soft brush and a vacuum, you should be able to clean off the debris away from the surface of the burner. You should blow the compressed air to remove the debris, turning and tapping the system’s burner in order to assist in detaching the debris. 
  • Replace all burners and also attach the clips. 
  • You should replace the access panels. 
  • You should be able to restore gas and also the electricity to the furnace. 

The furnace is not well lubricated  

In case your furnace is not well lubricated, this is what can cause a furnace to stop working. In case your furnace tends to make noises as it is on, this shows that the bearings present in the motor are not well lubricated. Without lubricating your furnace properly, friction experienced damaged the components of which eventually will shut your furnace down. 

This issue should be well-taken care kg, especially during the annual tune-ups. Ensure that you have switched off the furnace in order to avoid damaging the unit and also keep the system off till all the repairs have taken place. 

Furnace cycling on to off 

Whenever the furnace is turned either on or off, also short cycling is a problem that can cause a lot of damage. Short cycling as most people know is caused by filters that have been clogged and also the airflow has been compromised. 

You should be able to check and also replace the filter. Ensure that the vents have been unblocked. Faulty components in the unit and the systems that have been wrongly sized could be a cause of the problem. You should be in a position to contact a technician in order for assessment and diagnosis of the cause of the short cycling. 

What Can Cause a Furnace to Stop Working – Conclusion

As of now, you are already aware of what can cause a furnace to stop working. In case the solutions above do not fix your main problem you could contact technicians to repair your furnace, there is no reason to force to fix complex units that you do not deal with from day to day.

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