Humidifiers Calgary | Whole House Furnace Humidifier

Whole-house humidifiers Calgary can make a massive difference in improving the overall comfort of your house, the indoor air quality, as well as your health. Sure, air temperatures can affect your comfort level. However, so can humidity.

The air in your home can become dried out when you run your furnace or fireplace. The dry air can make you feel stuffy, cause a raspy throat or make your lips chapped.

In addition to the dry air caused by your heating system, cold air also removes moisture from the air. Cold air from the outdoors penetrates your home through gaps and cracks in your home. This tandem makes air far drier in the winter than it is during the summer and spring seasons.
Dry air is why it could be a good idea to add a humidifier to your furnace. Before you decide if you should humidify the whole house, there are a few things to consider. You’ll want to consider the pros and cons, as well as determine if there are alternative products that might be a better option.

Humidifiers Calgary | Whole House Furnace Humidifier


Whole House Humidifier: What Is It?

A whole-house humidifier, or sometimes called, furnace-humidifier, delivers moistened air throughout your house. Whole-house humidifiers are common add-ons to an HVAC system. They allow you to maintain a comfortable moisture level in the air, especially during the colder, drier months. Although there are a few different types of these humidifiers, they all do the same thing: add water vapour to your home’s air.

Signs You Might Need A Central Humidifying System

Everyone is different, which means everyone has their idea of what the ideal comfort level is. When it comes to maximizing the comfort of your house, there is no single solution. Nonetheless, there are several signs that the air in your home might be too dry.

The air might be too dry in your home if you find yourself getting nosebleeds, dry skin, scratch throat, sore throat or itchy eyes. Static electricity increases in a home when the air is too dry. You’ll be able to feel it when you touch doorknobs after walking on a rug, or you’ll feel it on your clothing. Discharged static electricity can be very annoying, but the good news is they are usually not harmful to those who come in contact with it.

Another sign your home’s air is dry is your wood cabinets might warp or contract. The same goes for your hardwood floors. Also, paint on your walls could begin to crack.

How Humid Should Your Home’s Air Be?

It is all about your personal preference, but many people feel comfortable when humidity is 30 to 50 percent. Use a hygrometer if you want to find out what the humidity levels in your home are. This tool is not that expensive, and you can easily find it over the internet or at many stores.

Whole-Home Humidifiers: The Different Types

Now you know what you would need a whole-house humidifier. Let’s now discuss what’s on the market. Generally speaking, the three main types of whole-home humidifiers are:

Bypass Humidifiers in Calgary

Bypass humidifiers are either connected to the air handler or the air return of the HVAC system. They push air through the humidifier’s water panel, absorbing the humidity before distributing the moistened air via the air ducts.

These humidifiers are low in maintenance because they don’t have moving parts. However, extra room is required, and if you have a small space, this could be an issue. Humidity tends to be lost each time the air circulates in a loop through the ductwork and the furnace. Many units have a damper within the ductwork, but you must open the damper manually once the cold weather arrives.

Fan-powered Humidifiers in Calgary

Fan-powered humidifiers are similar to bypass humidifiers. A key difference is they have a fan that distributes the air across the water panel. A good thing about fan-powered humidifiers is no additional ductwork is required.

These humidifiers blow moisture straight into the heated air. They are capable of adding up to a gallon of water to the air daily. If you have a large home, then consider installing a fan-powered humidifier.

Bear in mind that a fan-powered humidifier requires more maintenance than a bypass humidifier. Nonetheless, maintenance isn’t too much of a hassle. Change out the water pads and have the equipment serviced on an annual basis.

Steam Humidifiers in Calgary

Steam humidifiers boil water, which then creates steam. The steam releases into the air before it makes its way into the ductwork. Out of all the whole-house humidifiers, steam ones work the quickest, and they are the most efficient. However, they are costly, and they require a lot of work for maintenance and installation.

Sometimes it’s your HVAC system that determines which is the best method of humidifying your entire home. You can contact an AC professional. They’ll advise you on what kind of system you should have installed.

The Benefits of Furnace Humidifiers in Calgary

There are many benefits of having a whole-house humidifier. For starters, you’ll have an easier time maintaining proper humidity levels. Besides that, there are several other benefits. These benefits include:

  • Improved health and comfort. The added moisture in the air relieves dry skin, lips, etc.
  • Reduced symptoms associated with asthma. It may also make you less likely to catch a cold. There is research out there that suggests that certain humidity levels can increase the flu vaccine effectiveness.
  • Limited damage to furniture, hardwood floors and even electronic devices. Proper humidity levels will reduce the chances of hardwood floors becoming damaged, electronics experiencing an electrostatic discharge, and cabins from warping. Moreover, the paint will be less likely to chip or crack on the walls.
  • Lower utility bills. If your air feels warmer due to having proper humidity levels, then it means you won’t have to set your thermostat to a high temperature in the winter. Even if you lower the temperature by a degree or two, it can make all the difference in the world to your utility bills.

The Cons Of Humidifying via the Furnace

You don’t want dry air, but it is also destructive if the air is too moist. It is crucial to monitor humidity levels in your home, allowing you to maintain acceptable air quality.

Mould growth is another issue. Moisture can lead to mould growth due to air condensing on windows and walls. If mould develops in your home, then you could develop itchy eyes, coughing and sneezing.

Another downside with excess moisture is damaged wood, including furniture and floors. If the humidity is too high, then hardwood floors could end up swelling and warping.

Avoiding Issues of Whole-Home Humidification

Some thermostats can monitor the humidity levels in the home, but yours might not be capable of doing this. If that’s the case, then you can buy cheap monitors. You can buy a monitor for one room or several rooms. The choice is up to you, but don’t feel obligated to spend money on expensive high-end thermostats.

Maintenance is crucial for humidifiers. Generally speaking, you should replace the water panel at least once every year. You should remove it carefully; that way, you don’t damage the surrounding components. If you’ve never removed a water panel from a whole-house humidifier, then don’t worry because it is relatively easy to do.

Furthermore, always use high-quality filters. Fix water leaks when you spot them and clean up any spillage within the home. Doing these small tasks can go a long way.

Your home needs proper ventilation, regardless of the time of year. The EPA says that indoor air quality is generally worse than the air quality outdoors. Adequate ventilation will replace indoor air with outside air.

Conclusion – Humidifiers Calgary

Your comfort and wellness depend on many things, including the moisture level in your home’s air. Having a whole-house humidifier installed is an excellent way to put moisture into the air. It’s also one of the most low-maintenance ways of doing it.

Portable humidifiers and other types of low-tech ideas are alternatives, but they are usually only temporary solutions. If you have allergies or someone in your home does, then consider getting a whole-home humidifier. As you can see from above, there are several benefits of having a proper humidity level within the home, including reducing the risks of viruses and catching colds.

If you’re interested in learning more about whole house humidifiers, you’ll want to speak with an HVAC professional at Furnace Repair Calgary. Our expert advisors can recommend the best humidifier for your home. Give us a call at 587-316-1027.

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