The Ideal Humidity for a Home


So what’s the ideal humidity for a home? Sufficient airflow, proper humidity levels, and adequate heating and cooling are ingredients to a comfy home. While the HVAC system takes care of heating, cooling, and air conditioning, it won’t entirely care about your home’s humidity levels. It would be best if you had a humidifier, thermostat…

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How to Drain Kitchen Sink


You can explicitly describe the pain and hassles if you ever dealt with a backed-up or clogged kitchen sink. Watching as the dirty water rises to flood your kitchen can be an awful experience. Here is everything you need to know about how to drain kitchen sink quickly and safely. Related: Key benefits of using…

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Furnace Replacement DIY: Everything You Should Know


Money and value are the central points of contestation when talking of furnace repairs and replacements. Every homeowner would want to save money whenever the opportunity presents itself but still get their home repair and replacement projects professionally handled. Most furnace-related maintenance and tune-ups are easy to complete and require no complex skills. However, when…

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How Does a Natural Gas Furnace Work?


How does a natural gas furnace work?  Modern furnaces are capable of using different fuels to heat our spaces. While electric and solar models are gaining momentum super-fast, natural gas furnaces are still a popular choice. Furnaces installed 10 to 15 years ago are most likely fueled by natural gas or electricity. Natural gas furnaces…

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Pros and Cons of Tankless Water Heaters


Tankless water heaters have proven reliable and efficient since their inception. Every homeowner who has upgraded from conventional heating systems to tankless units will tell you that the long-term value balances the high upfront cost. Understanding the pros and cons of tankless water heaters before replacing your water heater lets you make a better decision. Wondering what your home heating…

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Are Annual Furnace Inspections Really Necessary?


It’s a documented rule that homeowners hire an HVAC Specialist to inspect their furnaces at least once a year. However, homeowners are still wary of doing it because they don’t know its benefits. Are annual furnace inspections really necessary? Yes, they are, and the following are valid points to back it up. Related: Difference Between Boiler and…

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Average Cost of Duct Cleaning


It’s a central section of our home. It is part and parcel of the fresh air everyone enjoys when your turn on the forced air furnace or the central air conditioning. It’s the ductwork, the system through which fresh air enters and dirty air flows out. The ducting system gets clogged by small animals, dander,…

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Why is My Furnace Leaking Water?

furnace leaking water in Calgary, AB

Furnace water leakages aren’t an everyday happening. However, suppose your furnace is a bit older, or an HVAC professional hasn’t inspected it for some time. In that case, you’re likely to deal with water leaks often. Whether it’s the first time or it happened in the past, your question will always be, why is my…

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How Much Does a Water Tank Cost?


The demand for hot water in modern homes keeps increasing every dawning day. If you want to install a new water heater tank or replace an aged one, you want to know the costs beforehand. So, how much does a water tank cost? The prices depend on various factors, but a water tank’s average range spans…

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Difference Between Boiler and Furnace


The difference between boiler and furnace is not clear to all, as many folks still confuse the two heating systems. Boilers and furnaces do the same job of heating our homes, but they are entirely two different entities. The most significant difference is how the systems work. Furnaces heat and distribute hot air to our…

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