July 23, 2021

Average Cost of Duct Cleaning


How Much is Duct Cleaning?

It’s a central section of our home. It is part and parcel of the fresh air everyone enjoys when your turn on the forced air furnace or the central air conditioning. It’s the ductwork, the system through which fresh air enters and dirty air flows out. The ducting system gets clogged by small animals, dander, debris, and dirt, affecting efficient airflow. Want to know the average cost of duct cleaning? Read on to learn the factors that affect the price of duct cleaning!

What Does an Average Duct Cleaning Session Involve?

A thorough but average duct cleaning session will take roughly three hours. The duct cleaning specialist will clean the coils, ductwork, registers, furnace fan, and virtually every internal section of your ventilation/heating system. Once the cleaning specialist sucks out the dirt, he will disinfect it to kill existing dust mites, mold, and bacteria.

Most duct cleaning companies adhere to EPA recommendations for air ducting cleaning. They mostly clean ducts when they have clogging, detectable mold growth, and insect or rodent infestations.

As per NADCA AND EPA, clients hiring duct cleaning specialists should be wary of companies that charge meager prices. Often, these companies use substandard equipment and do a shoddy job so that you won’t get value for the money paid.

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Average Cost of Duct Cleaning – Factors to Consider

The average cost of professional duct cleaning services varies from country to country, city to city, and company to company. What you’ll pay as average while in Ontario isn’t what you will pay as average while in Calgary.

On average, a typical duct cleaning will cost from $200 to $500.

Here are the basic things professional duct cleaners consider while estimating a price for any duct cleaning project.

Your home size

Before providing a price quote, your duct cleaner will visit your home. During the visit, he will assess the ducting and explore every possible issue.

If you have a larger home, your ducting system will be more prominent, and the duct cleaner will likely take longer. Therefore, it’s obvious you’ll pay more to get the ducting system cleaned.

Ducting system condition

Duct cleaning is a manual job, so service cost is directly proportional to the amount of work. If the ducting system is extremely dirt and clogged, more effort and time are necessary. That will ultimately lead to you having to pay more for professional cleaning services.

The ease of ducting accessibility

The location of the ducting system in your home will also determine the cleaning cost. If your duct system is installed openly in crawl spaces, basements, or attics, the cleaning team won’t take much time to access and clean it.

However, suppose your ductwork is behind or beneath the ceiling or walls. In that case, the duct cleaning specialist will need to be more careful. The cleaning work will also take more time and energy, and the final amount to be paid will be higher.

The cleaning company

The number of duct cleaning companies is extensive, but selecting a good company to trust with your duct system cleaning job is where the hard job lies. Many unreliable companies charge low fees to attract clients. However, they cannot deliver. And if they do, the quality of work will be low.

There are as well highly qualified and talented duct cleaning with all credentials and licensing who charge higher. It doesn’t entirely mean you’re going to pay an extremely high amount if you settle for qualified and licensed duct cleaning specialists. It’s a matter of negotiation and agreement.

How to Know the Average Cost of Duct Cleaning

The cost of duct cleaning will depend on the factors mentioned above but not entirely. Your total duct cleaning cost will also depend on the following factors:

Number of vents

The range of vents installed in your home will directly affect the total amount you’ll pay for the duct cleaning service. Many duct system cleaning contractors charges per vent cleaned, ranging from $25 to $50. However, some duct cleaning companies will charge a flat fee for the whole cleaning project.

The average cost per vent is around $35, so to calculate the average fee, count the total number of vents in your home and multiply them by $35.

Existence of rodents and bugs

Rodents and bugs can penetrate the air ducts and get stuck inside, clogging the system. Bugs and rodents often complicate and lengthen the duct cleaning work. So, if your ductwork has rodents, you’re likely to pay more for a professional cleaning service. The examination service will cost you around $200, while a thorough cleaning service will cost you up to $1000.

Commercial or residential property

The duct cleaning service cost will also depend on the type of property you have. Commercial duct cleaning services cost averagely higher compared to residential duct cleaning.

Depending on the duct cleaning contractor you hire, you’ll pay an average of $100 per hour for commercial duct cleaning services. The average residential duct cleaning cost per hour falls between $25 and $35.

Average Cost of Duct Cleaning – Conclusion

Duct cleaning isn’t an everyday task, and several factors will determine the overall cost. Factors include the size of the home, condition of the ducts, ease of access, and the number of vents. More vents and complex ducting systems will cost more to clean. Ensure you get a price quote before the work begins.