What is a Two-Stage Furnace?


Two-Stage Furnace Guide Before purchasing the right furnace, you can consider many options that can serve you and your family with extra warmth, especially during the winter season. You can view either the single-stage furnace or the two-stage furnace for your home. Most of us tend to wonder what is a two-stage furnace and some of the benefits it…

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What is Forced Air Heating?


Forced Air Heating Guide What is forced air heating?  Suppose you are looking for a new heating system for your home. In that case, you may have wondered how they work and what are the advantages and disadvantages of forced air heating in Calgary, Alberta? Let’s dig into this crucial residential furnace. How Does a Forced Air Furnace…

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Why Won’t My Furnace Turn On?

Technician repairing furnace in Calgary, AB

Causes of Furnace Not Turning On Why Won’t My Furnace Turn On? It can be downright frustrating to have furnace problems in the middle of a Calgary winter. Our technicians put this list of steps together to help you troubleshoot your furnace. If you have properly maintained your furnace, the problem could be a simple fix that…

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Smart Thermostat vs Programmable

Honeywell Smart Touchscreen Thermostat in Calgary, AB

Smart Thermostat vs Programmable Both the programmable thermostat and the smart thermostat assist in regulating your home’s temperature and save some money on your energy and heating bills. Smart thermostat vs programmable — which is better? They tend to be different from manual thermostats, where you have to set and adjust the temperatures in your home. In…

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How Does a Furnace Humidifier Work?

Automatic Compact Furnace Humidifier in Calgary, AB

How A Furnace Humidifier Functions Suppose you own a furnace at your home. In that case, you’re probably aware that the heating system has several components that work together to heat your house. The furnace consists of a thermostat, ductwork, heat exchangers, blowers, and a humidifier attached to the end of your supply ductwork to moisten…

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How Long Do Water Heaters Last?


Water Heaters Lifespan How long do water heaters last?  Typically, water heaters are known to last for 8 to 20 years depending on the model type, level of efficiency, water quality, and the level of maintenance it receives from its owner. When your water heater approaches a decade lifespan, it might start showing some signs that…

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How to Turn on a Furnace

technician turning on furnace in Calgary, AB

Turning On A Furnace It is straightforward and essential to know how to turn on a furnace, especially when entering the cold season. With some furnace systems, the pilot light can go off very quickly with a slight breeze, leaving your home cold. Therefore understanding how to light the pilot light in your heater properly is mandatory. Furnaces tend…

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How to Vent High Efficiency Furnace Outside

Trane XL80 high efficiency gas furnace in Calgary, AB

How to Vent High Efficiency Furnace When wondering how to vent high efficiency furnace outside, it is critical to understand the importance of high-efficiency venting. A byproduct of burning natural gas is combustion gases. It is imperative to vent these dangerous combustion gases out of your home. A conventional gas furnace expels combustion gases through a vertical exhaust…

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How Many BTU Furnace Do I Need?


Right Amount of BTU On Furnaces When choosing an appropriate furnace for your home heating needs, size is crucial since it highly affects your heating system’s general efficiency and functionality. Suppose one manages to settle on the right furnace size during a purchase. In that case, they’re certainly going to have an easy time maintaining…

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What is the Best Gas Furnace for My Home?


How to Choose A Gas Furnace What is the best gas furnace for my home? Suppose you’re looking forward to purchasing a new furnace for your home. In that case, you’re probably facing challenges with your old furnace, or you might be buying a furnace for the first time. At this moment, we’re going to give…

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