July 18, 2021

How Much Does Air Conditioner Cost?


Average Cost of Air Conditioner

We have included for you the cost of air conditioners, repairs, unit types, and not forgetting the pricing that goes along with the AC system. Most of us that want to purchase air conditioners in our places of work or at home wonder, how much does air conditioner cost?

You should not underestimate the role that the air conditioner or heating system plays at your beloved home, especially during the summer. It does not matter whether you stay in areas that experience high humidities or desert climates; adding a basic cooling unit in your place of stay will help you stay away from the summer heat and feel very comfortable. For Calgary homeowners, humidity can be a problem during the summer months.

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You are replacing the older cooling unit that you had previously could help you save a lot of money from your current energy bill. According to the new research conducted, the new and improved air conditioners nowadays use around 30 to 50 percent energy that is less than the energy used almost fifty years ago.

Central air conditioner costs rely on several aspects such as energy bills, installation, unit, and maintenance. Certain energy companies and trade organizations have conducted their research and provided the citizens with the average costs of modern air conditioners.

The pricing of the air conditioner can vary from time to time depending on certain factors that include property details, home size, location, plus other more factors to consider. The average cost of central air conditioning (including installation) in Calgary, AB, is in the range of $3,000 to $6,000.

How Much Does Air Conditioner Cost – Air Conditioner Types

Choosing the right air conditioner for your homestead involves making many decisions other than the price. Most of us wonder, how much does an air conditioner cost? First of all, you should be aware of the air conditioner types.

Based on the comfort you are looking for, different types of air conditioners could fit your preference. Below, we have provided you with some other kinds of AC that you can choose.

Central unit for air conditioning 

The central AC models have become the most common air conditioners worldwide. They ensure that the air inside your place is extracted and then compressed in a refrigerant condensing unit outside.

The gas that has remained is sent to condenser coils and converted into hot liquid. New fluid often travels towards evaporator coils in the furnace unit indoors, thus transforming and evaporating the cool gas. Fans and the centralized ductwork often distribute air at your place.

Purchasing the central AC model can be among the most suitable options if your ductwork has been installed all over your place. Depending on other factors that include size, the average cost for the model is around two thousand five hundred dollars and seven thousand dollars, including the installation costs.

Window AC model

The cooling air process in the window AC model is similar to the centralized unit buy on a smaller scale. The model tends only to offer cooling services in the room instead of the house as a whole. They comprise fans of which blow cool air into the room and expel away hot air by using the window.

The window AC model is among the cheapest AC currently in the market, and they do not need installation services. You have to buy it and place the setup on the window. The models are sold based on the level of power considering also the room size.

For all of those asking how much an air conditioner costs, this model comes at around one hundred and fifty dollars to seven hundred and fifty dollars, very cheap indeed.

Ductless mini-split 

If you do not possess ductwork in your place, Mini-split conditioners are often the best possible option. It allows one to control the temperatures of each zone in your home. Another good outcome of this model is that it uses less electricity than the other model types and only requires one supply power connection.

The price of this model is dependent on the number of zones for conditioning, which means that you will pay more if you have a larger house.

Due to ranging costs, the total unit average plus the installation can come to around one thousand five hundred dollars to eight thousand dollars.


The geothermal pumps are HVAC units that offer both air and heating conditioning by use of ground-source temperatures. It uses antifreeze and water solution in its tubing buried four feet underground. The tubing transfers heat to the unit’s compressor.

The unit compresses air and forwards it to the evaporator coils, where it undergoes heating and cooling to the desired temperatures.

Geothermal pumps require a lot of labor that includes installation, laying piping, and digging trenches. For all of those asking, how much does an air conditioner cost? The geothermal model is among the expensive options for air conditioning.

The price can reach about thirteen thousand dollars to thirty-six thousand dollars. While heat pumps can be expensive, it also is very efficient. Thus, it saves homeowners in energy costs.

Dual fuel 

These types of models are very similar to centralized unit conditioners. The main difference is because they include heat pumps to lower the energy bill costs.

They often are the best solution for people in the colder regions. It offers a gas furnace that assists in heating the home when you experience low temperatures and can’t run the heat model pump effectively, especially during the cold winter.

The costs of the dual fuel model vary depending on factors such as the home size. The average price for installation plus the model can fall between four thousand dollars and eight thousand dollars.

Conclusion: How Much Does Air Conditioner Cost?

As stated above, central air conditioners range in cost from $3,000 to $6,000 (including installation).

Most home warranties cover repairs, so all you can do is check the contract and then call the provider to assist in placing your service call. In case your warranty has expired, or you lack one, then find a technician nearby.