September 5, 2021

What Temperature to Set Thermostat in Winter


Best Temperature for Winter

Winter is usually the time when you need your furnace the most. One thing you ought to be extra careful with if you want to have a friendly environment in the house during winter is the thermostat settings of your heating unit. This article focuses on what temperature to set thermostat in winter?

There are many factors to consider before answering this question. Let’s get to it.

How to Save More Energy During Winter

How to Save More Energy During Winter

Opt for moderate temperature on the thermostat

When it comes to winter, power bills go soaring. A common reason for high power bills is setting the thermostat too high.

Having your thermostat too high increases utility costs and overworks the furnace. The temperature can be pretty comfortable in the house when you set it to around 18°C -21°C. When going out or at night, you can adjust it lower.

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More heating hours

Some people usually believe that turning on your thermostat for a long time would waste energy and maybe overwork your furnace. However, this is not true. What happens is that you will save power by having your furnace work less but for more hours.

It is advisable that you turn on your furnace for approximately eight hours a day. However, when leaving, please turn it off as well as when you sleep at night. If it is to remain running, adjust the temperature to a lower one.

Having it on for eight hours or more would not damage it, provided it is moderately set. The only problem would be to let it run on its highest setting for long. When the heat build-up becomes excessive, you can have your heater system refuse to start because of protective measures.

More than one heating unit

During winter, you can do your best to have more than one heating unit in the house. When you have more than one unit, you are likely to make good use of tiny amounts of energy per unit. The consumption won’t be so high compared to using a single unit to heat the whole house.

When you install more than one unit, you can manage small areas of your house without overworking the central unit. In this situation, you can also turn off the heat in unused rooms.

Install larger heating units

When you have a larger unit in the house as the primary heating appliance, it might be easier to utilize short heating periods to make the home warm. Go for a highly efficient furnace that can serve you well even when releasing low amounts of heat to the surrounding.

You might not need to have more than one unit when you have one highly efficient one since it can serve a larger area.

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Programmable thermostat


With a programmable thermostat, or smart thermostat, you program it to heat or cool your home at certain times of the day. It can lower power bills and extend the life of your HVAC system.

Upgrade to a smart thermostat

The newest entry in the thermostat market is the smart thermostat. Smart thermostats learn your routines and adjust the temperature to fit your schedule and needs. In addition, you can track your energy use.

Another excellent option is connecting your thermostat to the wi-fi so that you can adjust the thermostat remotely.

What Is the Most Suitable Temperature to Set Your Thermostat During Winter?

During the day, the most suitable temperature in the winter is between 20 and 22 degrees. 

What Temperature to Set Thermostat in Winter – Final Word

The secret to setting the correct temperature in the winter is a balance between conserving energy and comfort.

Programmable and smart thermostats make conserving energy easier. Moreover, a wi-fi thermostat allows you to adjust the temperature remotely.