February 16, 2022

What to Know About Whole-House Humidifiers

whole-house humidifiers

What Are Whole-House Humidifiers?

When the seasons turn cold and the heater is working overtime to keep the home toasty warm, the air can dry out quickly and become filled with static energy. Whole-house humidifiers provides the perfect solution to insert refreshing moisture back into the air.

Symptoms of Insufficient Humidity

Static electricity can be annoying, but the real suffering comes from dry throats, nose bleeds and itchy skin. These symptoms are a reality for most well-insulated houses using heated air to keep the interiors warm enough for human activity — the humidity levels can drop considerably.

As the temperature levels continue to drop and houses get buttoned up against the frigid temperatures to come, the air in your home could become unbearably dry. But a whole-house humidifier can improve your comfort and good health.

How Can a Humidifier Help?

We have all heard the adage “it isn’t the heat, it’s the humidity,” but do we understand what this means? The actual warmth you will feel on your skin is the combination of the heat and the humidity you think in the air. As the heaters begin drying the air, it feels colder, so we crank the heat up much higher than necessary.

But a humidifier will allow you to lower the thermostat, save energy bills, feel warmer and alleviate dryness all in one advantageous operation.

In addition to drying the throat, making it more challenging to speak, and generally making life uncomfortable, dry air can also contribute to health conditions. Dry air makes it easier to catch a cold, and flu viruses and dryness can contribute to asthma and other respiratory diseases. Children and pets are the most susceptible to health risks from dry air.

Types of Whole-House Humidifiers

Many people have seen single-room humidifiers before. These use warm steam or a cool-mist to increase the room’s humidity levels. Then there is a whole variety of humidifiers that can be installed right onto your home’s heating systems, providing well-circulated moisture throughout the house.

Drum Humidifiers

Drum humidifiers are among the more common humidifiers used with forced-air heating systems. The mechanics are simple enough, the rum contains a sponge that passes through the water supply, and the heated air passes through a wet sponge. As the warm air passes through the sponge, it fills with small water particles distributed as moisture around the home.

Bypass Humidifiers

Technicians introduce bypass humidifiers into the systems at the hot and cold air ducts. They use pressure differences between air ducts to push the heated air through the humidifier. These humidifiers don’t have the drum and sponge design of the drum-style humidifier. Instead, they have a tube with many plastic disks, which provide sufficient surface area to exchange moisture without needing too much space.

What is a Humidistat?

whole-house humidifiers digital monitor

All home humidifiers operate with a humidistat, which allows you to set the exact humidity level. Depending on the specific needs of your situation, you can choose a whole-home humidifier that dispenses 1.5 gallons of water throughout the home or a humidifier that dispenses 12 gallons of water throughout the house while the furnace is in operation.

The humidistat detects moisture in the air and maintains the desired humidity. You can find these in digital and analog models, but they achieve the same function. As the humidity levels in the space being monitored rise to the desired levels, the electrical contacts close, and the humidifier shuts off. As the humidity drops to below-desired levels, the electrical contacts open, and the thermostat turns back on again.

What is the Ideal Humidity for my Home?

The square footage of your home, the construction, and the quality of insulation determine the amount of humidity necessary for your home. Ask an expert to determine the ideal humidity for your home.

Generally, humidity levels should be kept within 35% to 50%, depending on the personal preferences of the home’s inhabitants.

Contact the Whole-House Humidifier Experts

If you have any doubts about getting the very best whole house humidifier for your home, Furnace Repair Calgary can help you choose the best whole-home humidifier for your needs. We have a vast selection of choices, and we are confident we will find something that meets every specification.

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