February 23, 2022

Why Routine Cleaning is Critical to Air Conditioning Maintenance

Why Routine Cleaning is Critical to Air Conditioning Maintenance

Why You Need AC Cleaning

As days become sunnier, hotter, and longer, air conditioners across the country must come alive to offer necessary cooling. Millions of households in Canada rely on air conditioning in the summer. However, AC units cannot work efficiently without a bit of care and attention. That’s why routine cleaning is critical to air conditioning maintenance.

Regular cleaning can help ensure that your cooling unit works optimally and your indoor air quality is pristine at all times. Your air conditioner will serve you diligently for many years if you are serious about AC cleaning and maintenance.

Here are some reasons why cleaning your air conditioning system is essential for AC maintenance.

Improve Indoor Air Quality

Pollen, dust, dirt, grease, and other contaminants are every air conditioner’s worst nightmare. Moreover, they tend to build up over time within the cooling unit itself, clogging important components like coils and filters.

Accumulated debris also provides food for bacteria and fungi that live in warm environments with ample moisture. As airborne particles settle down upon surfaces, they also act as catalysts for the development of mould spores. Besides reducing your air quality, these contaminants pose health risks. It may range from minor allergies to asthma attacks and respiratory infections.

Cleaning an AC system helps reduce airborne contaminants. They may be hiding in gaps around the coils, around the ducts, and inside the evaporator and condenser.

Maintain AC Efficiency

Dirty air conditioners tend to lose considerable efficiency. It means that they use much more energy than usual to perform their cooling functions. Regular AC cleaning helps improve indoor air quality, reduces energy, and boosts performance.

Unclogged cooling coils ensure that air passes through the unit more efficiently, with less resistance. As a result, it promotes improved airflow and reduces wear and tear of all components.

Clean evaporator and condenser fins allow your cooling system to exchange heat with outdoor air. It reduces the load on compressors and fans. The result is enhanced cooling power and improved performance.

Prevent AC Breakdowns

Dirty components, clogged coils, and malfunctioning fans are a recipe for trouble in your cooling system. As a result, they contribute to breakdowns that can be costly to fix or replace.

Inspections by licensed technicians uncover issues with poor airflow early on. It allows you to address them before they create more significant problems. Poor AC maintenance and cleaning can also cause electrical issues. Therefore, it’s crucial to hire a professional for tune-ups and inspections.

Protect the AC Warranty

Why hire a Professional for Air Conditioning Repair ...

Manufacturers of cooling units offer warranties against defects in materials for between 1 and 10 years. The exact warranty period varies from product to product and manufacturer to manufacturer.

Keeping your air conditioner clean and in good working order helps protect the warranty, reducing the risk of defects. That means you can enjoy factory-approved cooling power for longer without shelling out big bucks for high repair bills.

Maintain Healthy Lungs

Your HVAC system acts as your home’s respiratory system, especially if you have a duct network with central AC and an air furnace. Maintaining your HVAC system is crucial to keep it working in good condition. Otherwise, dust will inevitably build up in the system. As a result, it may lower its efficiency and distribute the dust through the house and straight into your respiratory system.

How to Maintain Your AC System

You can follow the tips highlighted below to keep your HVAC system running smoothly and efficiently:

  • Clean or change out the air filters in your AC every month, or at whichever interval the unit’s manufacturer specifies. Replacing filters is a simple task requiring no technical knowledge or expertise. When the filters get clogged with dirt and dust, the air conditioner uses more energy and works harder. Moreover, that debris ends up getting circulated throughout the house. As a result, it lowers air quality and aggravating respiratory illnesses and allergies among your family members.
  • Clean and service the entire unit annually. An HVAC professional should handle the cleaning. The cleaning will involve a thorough inspection of the system. It ensures everything is working and the internal components are clean and flawless. Your HVAC system can lose up to 5% efficiency each year without professional inspection and maintenance.
  • Remember to clean the ducts. If the air conditioner and furnace are the lungs, the vents are the blood vessels that transport clean air around the house. Ducts don’t need regular cleaning, but you should have them checked every once in a while. Make sure they aren’t harbouring a staggering amount of dust and debris or leaking or broken at any point.
  • Invest in a ventilator. A ventilator will help your HVAC system expel old and stale air and bring in fresh and clean air from the outside. With this, you don’t recycle the same dirty air through the house over and over again.

Routine Cleaning is Critical to Air Conditioning Maintenance – Conclusion

Cleaning an HVAC system is easy and reasonably priced. You can compare the cost of cleaning your AC unit to the expenses you incur for repairs and replacement of a dirty, poorly maintained AC system.

The decision to schedule maintenance today will save you money and headaches in the future. Countless benefits are offered with proper HVAC maintenance.

If you have any queries regarding AC maintenance or want to book an appointment to have your AC cleaned, call your local HVAC expert today!