February 15, 2022

7 Major Benefits of Professional Drain Cleaning

7 Major Benefits of Professional Drain Cleaning

Why You Should Get Drain Cleaning Service

You’ve noticed some signs of possible clogging in your kitchen or bathroom sink but placed the thought on the back burner. As time passes, you see that you need to plunge your toilet more often. Water drains a tad slower down the sink. While this might seem a minor inconvenience, it could soon develop into a major plumbing emergency. Knowing the benefits of professional drain cleaning will help you significantly.

Professional drain cleaning comes in handy to keep your plumbing system open and draining. Aside from saving a lot of money in the long run and your family clog-free, there are numerous other benefits to hiring a professional plumbing cleaner. Herein are the top seven reasons you should hire a professional drain cleaner.

#1. Professional Drain Cleaning Eliminates Persistent Nasty Odours

We all know what goes down the toilet. But do you ever think about what goes down your sink? Soap scum, hair, and other organic matter that drains down your bathtub. Your sink drains dirt, grime, and other materials.

A minor clog will cause these items to get stuck in the pipes. Once in place, bacteria start to consume the organic matter. The degradation of the organic matter creates a pungent-smelling odour that emanates from the drains. The off-putting smell will make it difficult to shower in peace.

Cleaning your drains eliminates such organic matter from your gutters, eliminating or at the very least decreasing the odour. With your drains cleaned, you can take your showers in a bathroom that doesn’t like a fetid swamp.

#2. Eliminate The Chances of A Major Clog

Picture this; you flush your toilet, but all the toilet’s content overflows and spreads over your bathroom floor. Suddenly, last night’s taco Tuesday does not look like a good idea.

The worst thing to do is let a slow drain turn into a clog. With the drainage system clogged, you cannot do dishes, take a shower, wash your hands, or use the toilet. You might try your luck with plunging the toilet, but if the toilet is stubborn, it will not budge.

Over-the-counter drain cleaners are not a good idea either. They use harsh chemicals that are hazardous to you and aren’t great for the environment.

Regularly cleaning your drains will negate clogging, and you never have to worry about sewage backup.

#3. Protects Walls And Floors From Damage

An overflowing toilet or sink causes flooding, which affects the walls and floors. Floors are not durable enough to take stagnant water, leading to water damage. Water can seep under your wood floor or tiles, causing structural damage to the floor. Moreover, when water seeps into the walls, it erodes the wallpapers. Mould growth becomes another issue of concern.

Replacing the floor and walls is an expensive affair. Unfortunately, if the clogging persists, the damage to your walls and floors will happen repeatedly.

Hiring a professional drain cleaner eliminates your worry about clogged plumbing systems. Importantly, it removes the risk of floor and wall damage. Keep in mind that clogs can last for years if not exposed to water.

#4. Improve Your Family’s Health¬†

As alluded to above, the plumbing system is teeming with bacteria that cause a foul odour. Clogged or slow-draining plumbing systems are the perfect habitat for mould and bacteria to grow and thrive. Without consistently flowing water to flush it out, the bacteria will only thrive.

Bacteria and mould can negatively impact your family’s health. Exposure to these organisms is known to cause infections, illnesses, and other health issues. Some moulds are deadly to humans and pets. Others cause allergies and breathing issues.

A plumbing system free of clogs refrains fungi and bacteria from growing. As such, with a free-flowing drain, you do not have to worry about exposure to bacteria and moulds.

#5. It Saves You Money over Time

Many homeowners refrain from getting a professional drain clean owing to the associated cost. After all, a plumber will not work for free. However, people do not realize that the cost of having your drains cleaned professionally pales compared to the expenses caused by a clogged drain (possible water damage and foul smells).

While a clog near your skink can be considered an inconvenience or pain, a clog further down the drain can be a disaster. In some cases, you might need earthmoving equipment to unclog the plumbing system.

Additionally, clogs can cause leaks, necessitating the replacement of the underground pipe. As you can appreciate, the overall cost occasioned by clogged drains can be considerably higher than getting professional drain cleaning.

#6. Keeps Your Pipes Clean And Healthy

The buildup of grease, grime, chemicals, and other materials in the pipes can cause corrosion and leaks. A small leak is usually an annoyance. A large leak necessitating large-scale repairs is a nightmare.

The good thing is that it takes a considerable amount of time for the chemicals to break down the pipes. Regular drain cleaning eliminates the chemical buildup, reducing the risk of your drain pipes corroding.

Professionally clean pipes can last decades without showing signs of corrosion. On the other hand, poorly maintained lines will require replacement much sooner than expected, resulting in costly repairs involving tearing into floors and walls.

#7. Speeds Up Drainage

Slow drainage is a tell-tale sign that there is an impending clog. In itself, it’s a nuisance as it usually means shorter showers. Drains cannot keep up with the water flowing into the shower. In addition, you must plunge the toilet several times during the day.

Professional drain cleaning eliminates these hassles. The wastewater drains much quicker, and you don’t have to worry about overflow in your toilets or sinks. No one wants to cut their shower short due to drainage issues. Take a shower on your timeline without having to deal with a slow drain.

Hiring A Professional Drainer Cleaner Makes Sense

Do not risk damaging your home and incurring the high cost of replacing stubborn clogged drains. It might seem a minor issue, but left to exacerbate and become a severe clog, it will turn into a plumbing nightmare.

Professional drain cleaning helps keep your home and family clog-free. Importantly, it saves you money in the long run. You can read more about drain cleaning on our site. Contact us for more information about plumbing and drain cleaning.

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