September 5, 2021

Furnace Maintenance How Often?


Furnace Maintenance How Often?

Most of the furnace problems experienced in our homes nowadays could be prevented by annual furnace tune-ups. Most HVAC technicians say that almost seventy-five percent of people experiencing specific furnace problems tend to neglect proper furnace maintenance. For furnace maintenance, how often should it be conducted? At a minimum, once per year.

Most of us tend to forget about servicing the furnace as we only use it for a few months annually. However, avoiding it is a mistake. Similar to cars that sit all winter in your garage, your furnace, on the other hand, is supposed to be tuned up, especially before you begin using it.

Below are some of the furnace problems that most of you back home experience due to a lack of regular furnace maintenance.

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Dirty Air Filters

Suppose the furnace air filters are dirty and clogged up. In that case, this forces your furnace to work harder to provide your home with the extra warmth, making the furnace inefficient and leading to a furnace breakdown.

In terms of furnace maintenance, how often should the air filters be cleaned? We recommend that you regularly change the air filters at least every two to three months. Cleaning the air filter or instead replacing it can save you many problems in the future. Your trusted HVAC expert can provide you with a maintenance plan of which includes regular filter replacement.

Faulty Furnace Pilot Light

Faulty Furnace Pilot Light

There are several reasons for a faulty pilot light including:

– clogged furnace pilot

– closed gas valve

– you did not fully press the furnace pilot button.

If you’re unsure of how to resolve the above, contact an HVAC professional.

The Heat Exchanger is Cracked

A cracked heat exchanger is a severe furnace issue. It often occurs if you have skipped furnace cleaning and maintenance. A cracked heat exchanger could leak dangerous toxins such as carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, and nitrogen oxide.

This problem often is caused by clogged and dirty air filters in the furnace that restricts airflow. However, other issues can cause your heat exchanger to crack. To keep you and your family safe, we recommend that you regularly inspect your heat exchanger whenever you conduct furnace maintenance at your home.

Furnace Maintenance How Often?


As we have noted earlier, furnace maintenance is crucial to avoid issues such as preventing deadly toxins from leaking in your home. HVAC professionals recommend that you service your furnace in the fall or spring.

Annual maintenance includes thoroughly examining the furnace components and cleaning the parts that tend to malfunction easily, such as the air filters, pilot light, heat exchanger, and fan, which can prevent various furnace problems.

As we have already mentioned, how often should one perform furnace servicing in terms of furnace maintenance? You can service your furnace at least once each year, although we recommend that you do it at least twice, both in the fall and spring seasons.

You should also be in an excellent position to perform a regular furnace tune-up of a complete furnace safety check. Once you complete servicing your furnace, you are ready to use it for the winter season.

Benefits of Annually Maintaining and Servicing Your Furnace

Experts recommend that you service your furnace in the fall and spring. Annual servicing and proper maintenance of your furnace have many benefits that it brings along to our homes. Down below are some of the reasons why you should invest in servicing your furnace regularly.

  • Avoid costly expenses. Furnace maintenance ensures that you catch minor furnace problems early.
  • Lower energy bills and making the furnace more energy-efficient. Most of us tend to use plenty of heat during winter; hence the energy bills are very costly. The HVAC technician will ensure the furnace is functioning at a moderate and peak efficiency during maintenance to avoid running up your heating bills.
  • Extend the lifespan of your furnace and the whole HVAC system. A healthy and efficient furnace with no cracks, blockages, and leaks tends to function for several years without experiencing major furnace problems.

Therefore, regular maintenance of your furnace is mandatory to ensure that the furnace and the entire HVAC model system functions for an extended period.

Furnace Maintenance How Often? – Conclusion

As we have already mentioned, how often should proper furnace servicing be conducted in terms of furnace maintenance? It should be at least each year. Suppose you do not know how to carry out furnace servicing properly. In that case, you should schedule a call with an HVAC professional who will perform a regular furnace tune-up and cleaning on your behalf.

Regular furnace maintenance ensures that you and your family stay comfortable and safe, especially during winter.