July 16, 2021

What Temperature to Set Air Conditioner in Summer


Best Air Conditioner Temperature in Summer

What temperature to set the air conditioner in summer?  Air conditioning offers most people a relaxed and calm mindset despite the summer heat. However, the main problem is selecting the right temperature to maintain your home. Most of us wonder what temperature to position the air conditioner in summer, well do not go anywhere as we got you covered.

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What Temperature to Set Air Conditioner in Summer – The Most Suitable to Set at Your Place

To comfortably stay at your home and save money during summer, we recommend that you set the home’s thermostat at 21.5°C. Programming the air conditioner at this temperature will help you avoid high electricity bills and allow your body to remain refreshed.

In case you still are not in the position of relief at your place, you can decide to invest and buy a dehumidifier. Ensure that you follow the tips we have given you below to cool your bodies at your homestead.

The Suitable Temperature to Set While Away

As of now, you already know what temperature to set the air conditioner in summer. To keep the house warmer and cool while away, this can assist you in saving much money during the summer.

Increasing the thermostat by 2 -3 degrees celsius while away for two hours or more could save more than 10% on cooling costs. To save energy and money while away from your home, program the thermostat between 27°C and 30°C.

The higher temperature inside your place slows the heat flow into your homestead, thus not enough energy to ensure cooling happens when you decide to return home.

If you want to save even more money, consider return air ducts.

Cooling Effort Tips at Your Homestead

Even though you might think that 31°C is a little bit too high, you must assist the air conditioner present in your home to provide the best cooling by using less energy.

You can do this by preventing the warm air from reaching your place and avoiding the cool air from escaping. Follow the tips down below to ensure your home is comfortable throughout the summer;

  • Replacing the cooling units with energy-efficient models.
  • Hanging up window blinds that block the sunlight and also prevents the heat from reaching your place through the windows
  • By limiting the use of models that produce heat, for example, the stove and oven, until late after 9 pm. During the summer, you can try to grill outdoors frequently.
  • Seal your home by replacing the caulking and weather stripping around doors and windows.

What Temperature to Set Air Conditioner in Summer – Finding the Best for the Family

Since you know what temperature to set the air conditioner in summer, consider experimenting by positioning the thermostat at 29°C for a day and observe your family’s reaction.

After some days, ensure that you drop the temperature to 71F, subtracting 2F each time. You are supposed to set the home’s thermostat at the average range of your family’s comfort zone.

During the nighttime, this is also another conservation opportunity. When you go to bed, the core body’s temperature lowers, and the heat radiates away from your body. A particular study discovered that humans experience the best sleep at 18.3 C.

One solution to having the best night’s sleep is to tune up the thermostat to a setting that is warmer like 80F in case you are sleeping by use of lighter sleepwear and bedding.

In other instances, you can assist yourself in cooling off using the ceiling fan to acquire a gentle and good breeze to your bedroom.

Even though you decide to be extravagant and spend more to keep your place slightly frostier, you can decide on the best choice on how to spend the money. You can also partake in other steps to squeeze the savings to enjoy the summer.


High humidity usually is challenging to endure because the sweat glands don’t work efficiently with excess moisture in the air.

We sweat to maintain our bodies’ temperature by carrying away the body heat through evaporation from the skin. When you experience dry air, the sweat from the body dissipates readily; hence you feel comfortable.

However, when the humidity rises, water vapor present in the air has increased, thus making it very difficult for evaporation from the skin. Therefore one feels very hot while drenched.

Air conditioners become very good In reducing relative humidity. Lower humidity is especially true when you install vapor barriers in the crawlspaces and basement.

You can make your home even more comfortable by adding ceiling fans and personal fans, which blow the air across the body to assist in evaporation.  Or you can attach a humidifier to your furnace.

Importance of the Programmable Thermostat

While increasing the temperature of the thermostat while away can assist in saving money, many of us forget to do this. Thus, a programmable thermostat can take over the load and ensure that your surroundings are very comfortable for the family as you save on costs. In addition, if you go with a smart thermostat, you can set the thermostat remotely.

What Temperature to Set Air Conditioner in Summer – Conclusion

You can save a considerable amount of money raising the temperature on the thermostat when you are away from home. Since we often forget to set the higher temperature when we leave the house, a programmable thermostat makes life much easier. In addition, a smart thermostat can set the thermostat remotely.

Staying comfortable during the summer is an essential part of your life, and you should not take it for granted.